There is a presence

A ghost hunting gothic adventure, set in an isolated Church on Christmas Eve. Trapped in a time loop, the main hero (Nigel Danvers) encounters ghosts from various periods of history, from the Black Death to the near future. Use the gadgets and surveillance to learn the ghosts are also forced to live out Christmas Eve over and over. Anger and vengeance turns to pleading. To escape the trap, Nigel must make a dreadful decision; he can exorcise only one spirit, leaving the rest damned forever.

It's Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve, in rural Anglia. A bitter snow storm has driven the country folk to the warmth and safety of their household fires, as a bleak midwinter drowns the world in white. The storm has disturbed the spirits, the ghosts of Northfield from ages past, they wander the Carrion Woods and long forgotten graveyards. Some are lost souls, damned by actions long ago, whereas others seek revenge and retribution.

The landscape was once ravaged

The landscape was once ravaged by a great pestilence, The Black Death, when the simple folk of Northfield were decimated by a plague of biblical proportions. The church turned its back on the 'people of the woods', left alone to die on cold and misery. Tonight, Christmas Eve, they have risen to seek retribution. Can Nigel Danvers, local ghost-hunter, solve the case? Using ghost-hunting gadgets and detective skills, the secrets of Northfield are about to be revealed, for the first time in 700 years.

"We're stuck here, Christmas Eve, on and endless night..."

A glimpse into a puzzling location; what is causing the time slips and paranormal phenomena at Northfield in the Fens? Enter a world of winter legends, ghosts and myth as times collide on a special night of the year.

The snow globe features St.Cuby's Church, in Duloe, Cornwall, which features in the video game 'Silent Night' as the haunting Parish Church of the old North Fields, a place of Saxon mythology and terrible crimes, wars and plague.

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